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About Us
We are a small team of developers and system admins, whose love for technology never lets us turn down a challenge! For us the IT is not just a job, it’s a way of life! Software or hardware? We have experts in almost every field. Some of us started as hardware technicians, so we have it covered on both fronts. Thanks to this, we know how things work from the hardware level to the highest software abstraction stack.
It's no joke, we almost speak in 110101011 :)
Development is our passion and we take joy in contributing to open source. We love the challenge of every new project. We crave it! Following the latest trends and standards, we're still not afraid to break stuff so we know how things work from the bottom up. We can’t wait to test, setup and deploy every new technology! Feedback is important so we don't mind to adjust - change is not a bad thing. Good communication, professionalism and determination can take every project to a happy end.
The roadmap
Keep Deadlines as promised!
Treat the customers like our friends and new technology as a way of life !
Maintain the positive growth of our company and be ready for every challenge!
Innovate and use the love of technology to continuous improvement and prosperity!


amazon AWS services Digital ocean droplets OVH server setup and monitoring Linode server deployment Google cloud formation services Azure VPS cloud services

Dedicated bare metal setup has a higher initial setup , but benefits from great saving in the long term. It gives you a full control over every aspect and great flexibility for any custom system designs.
With a cloud provider setup you benefit a faster deployment time and less support overhead. The cloud delivers unparalleled agility, efficiency and innovation but only when implemented through a comprehensive cloud strategy.


Want to scale your application?
Break the chains of the monolithic!
Join the modern microservice world with Docker!
A penny saved is a penny earned! Why use operations at a less productive speed? Any downtime is a loss of business! Why maintain hardware and space?
Want a more flexible phone system without emptying your pocket ? Cheaper simultaneous calls? The phone bill is getting out of control? Look no further, the voice-over-IP will fix those issues.
Would you let your doors unlocked at night and your house unprotected?
How about your server security?
Best of both worlds, thanks to the linux and unix container's technology, high availability and load balancing is affordable not just to the big guys.
Who needs a backup right?
Your server is immortal right !
Untill one day when....
Low footprint, flexible setup options, fine tuning and an unbelievable stability with light speed performance. This is exactly what we want right?
With all the bad comment about any windows products why do we all still use it?
The answer is simple - their products are so well integrated and solve fundamental problems for any business operations and intranet logistics. No other company has been able to surpass them for over 20 years.
.... comming soon ....

Don’t reinvent the wheel !
Save up time, money and effort and
let us be your shortcut!

Our Clients
Source Support Proactive investors Fuller Treacy Money JPMorgan Chase
Our Work
Our Team
Krasi Georgiev
Krasi Georgiev
Team Leader
Programmer - SysAdmin
extreme sports

Senior Golang
Junior QT (C++)
Senior Linux Sysadmin
Senior Docker containers
Senior CI/CD pipelines

The perfect day is:
6h programming +2h rock climbing , diving or kiting.
Stan Velikov
Stan Velikov
Senior Sysadmin and Docker

Yani Yankov
Yani Yankov
Junior Team Member
Windows and Linux
Game streaming and fast bikes

Raspberry PI fan
Senior Linux Sysadmin
Senior Windows Sysadmin

Gets excited from every new IT technology
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